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Real Estate Professionals

CS CPA Group understands the unique income and taxation challenges faced by Real Estate Professionals. Realtors® have specific opportunities for tax optimization due to the independent nature of their work. From large, sporadic payments of commissions to specific deductions associated with home office and mileage related deductions, CS CPA Group has strategies to help reduce that year-end tax bill.

Independent Contractors

Being an Independent Contractor allows a real estate professional the ability and freedom to serve the wildly varying needs of their clients. With this freedom comes increased responsibility regarding quarterly income tax deposits and year end income forecasting. There are also special rules in the Federal Tax code that need to be followed to not violate this status. We can help advise and manage these risks to both the real estate professional and the broker.

Self-Employment Deductions

Every Independent Contractor has the opportunity to reduce their income by carefully tracking and documenting the costs of serving their clients. From tracking vehicle mileage, client meal and entertainment expenses, deductions for cell phones and other technology to do their job, to maximizing home office deductions, CS CPA Group has proven that it’s among the elite in helping clients reduce their taxable income to the greatest extent allowable.

Other Real Estate Tax Accounting Services & Related Reductions

Whether it minimizing the long term capital gains from the sale of a rental, or the short term ordinary income from a full remodel, or the complete non-taxability of the Primary Residence exclusion, CS CPA Group specializes in finding the investment in basis that most tax preparers miss. These basis adjustments can mean thousand in less tax paid and more money in your pocket. We dig deeper and find more so you can pay less!

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