Interstate Trucking

Interstate Trucking

CS CPA Group specializes in the very specific needs of the OTR Owner Operator.  Interstate drivers have increasingly demanding schedules and deadlines.  Our experienced staff here at CS CPA Group knows what it takes to keep your mind and your equipment on the road while we take care of the details.


First, we ensure that every expense is being captured and recorded so that you can know your bottom line at any time.  This is accomplished by ensuring access to every form of payment used by your business.  We automatically import and sort the transactions to your financial statements and issue these statements on a monthly basis.  No more missing receipts.  No more guessing at credit card charges.  We get it right the first time.

IFTA Reporting

Every Operator that has been driving for more than a year or two knows the frustration of digging through Fuel Receipts and Mileage Logs to hand calculate their IFTA quarterly fuel tax return. CS CPA Group automates this process so you don’t have to think about it. We take the fuel costs from your preferred payment card and miles driven from logs and complete your quarterly IFTA Report. Our proprietary process ensures complete accuracy and will ensure you are paying the right amounts to the right states, on time – every time.

Multistate Taxation

We also understand the intricacies associated with multi-state income tax filing for OTR Owner Operators.  From the benefits of accelerated depreciation on equipment to income apportionment among various states, we ensure that out trucking clients pay the minimum allowable taxes while keeping them 100 percent in compliance with tax law in every state where they do business.

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