Tax and Accounting Services for Large to Small Businesses in AZ

CPA Reviewed Large to Small Business Services

CS CPA Group assists over 300 local, small business, and national companies with accounting business services ranging from simple weekly and monthly bookkeeping to complex business analytical modeling. Sometimes as a small to medium business owner, you just are not 100% sure what needs to be done. Whether it is issues like payroll, setting up 401ks, pricing, or other matters, it helps to have a CPA in your corner to help you.

Business Advisory Services

You work hard to keep your business running. But are you working to keep it succeeding? Use the Business Experts at CS CPA Group to take a critical look at your operations and create the big-picture strategy you need to drive your company’s profitability and success. We’ll help you build a scalable business focused on the critical success factors that help you beat the competition, earn more revenue and secure your position as a leader in your market space.

Tax Optimization

Wondering what tax optimization strategies actually work? CS CPA Group tax planning can save you and your business thousands of dollars. The goal of CS CPA Group tax optimization is to save money on your taxes in a way that reduces near term tax payments without sacrificing long term tax strategy. An experience CPA tax advisor is a valuable asset when it comes to tax planning, not only can they help you save money on your taxes, but they can also help you form a financial game plan that helps you grow your business and reach your financial goals.

Tax Preparation

Tax optimization can only work if you get the tax returns right. At CS CPA Group, our over-arching goal is “Get it Right!” This is not as easy as it sounds. The rapidly changing legislative environment takes a tremendous amount of training and continuing education. Our experienced staff, under the careful supervision of a CPA with over 25 years’ experience knows how to get it right.

Bookkeeping Services

No amount of advice and planning can help a business that doesn’t know it’s current financial status in detail. This is the first step to help our clients achieve success. Some of our clients have an in-house accountant that takes care of the monthly accounting, but if you are have money tied up in aged accounts receivable or haven’t reconciled your bank accounts since they were opened, we are ready to help, and at a price that will have you pleasantly surprised.


The basic accounting function that causes the most confusion and stress is processing payroll. From income and FICA tax withholding to deductions for employer provided benefits, the Payroll process is full of legal and governmental risks. Failing to meet IRS and State tax filing deadlines are the most common reason for penalty letters from the IRS or your state tax agency. We know all current payroll laws and requirement and can take this burden off your shoulders for a very reasonable price.

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